Recent study indicated that more and more Home
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Each year, a large group of professionals are moving
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s)will impress potential buyers immediately
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Recently Sold Properties
For each house, we offer to publish up to 20 high quality pictures. That will be enough to show
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Madison are incoming professors, doctors and other professionals who may be living in
hundreds or thousands miles away now. is the most efficient way to
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For Sale by Owner (fsbo) in Madison (, Wisconsin is a web-based real
estate Advertising company aimed at serving greater Madison area in Wisconsin. We are
independently owned and locally operated by Madison Residents. We will try our best to serve
your real estate need in the years to come!
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Featured House
810001-South Central Madison-Very
convenient to UW-Madison Campus by
bus or bike. 3 miles door to door to UW
MSC, 2 miles to Meriters Hospital. 2
Bedroom, second floor condominium
features hardwood floors, large eat-in
kitchen, indoor laundry, fully updated
kitcken $ bathroom. $79,800.