For Sale by Owner in Madison (FSBO in Madison, WI) is a web-based real estate
Advertising company aimed at serving Greater Madison, Wisconsin and the
surrounding areas.

We are independently owned and locally operated by Residents in Madison,

This website is currently run and paid by volunteers who feel that there should be a
FSBO website with better quality that provides potential outside-town buyers more
useful information. This feeling came from our own experience when we were
planning to move to Madison. Some of us had to fly to Madison multiple times from
thousands miles away to look for a place to live because the lack of efficient
resources for us to find a house in Madison.

We are running this website with one goal: with our "Always-On Open House" like
this, to help people, especially in-coming and out-going UW employees to find their
new home more easily , and to  sell their houses more efficiently....

You can list your house for sale by click
 here.  And your listing is FREE.
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